Highway 58

Highway 58 Windmill

Highway 58 Windmill

Before my mom and dad passed away, they lived in Atascadero, along the Central Coast of California. I would visit often and always made a long weekend of it. My favorite time of year was spring because the drive home could be a bonanza of photographic opportunities.

This time, I was driving along highway 58 and saw this windmill. I have driven by it many times and always refer to it as the Highway 58 Windmill.

I stopped and took a lot of images, none of which I was happy with. Being new to photography at the time, I thought I’d try some slow shutter speeds and took some shots. I realized that I was onto something. Finally, I zoomed in on just the vane and got this shot.

I have stopped time after time and tried to get a better shot, but none of them since compare to what I already have. I like it because the actual vane is sharp and in focus, but the “propeller” shows nice movement.

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