Road to Nowhere

Road to Nowhere


Driving southbound down Highway 395 from Lava Bed National Monument, headed west toward Lassen National Park, I was looking for a two lane road that would (maybe) shorten my trip. I found this gem. It did shorten my trip, but it was a road through ranch country and just went straight for what seemed like EVER!

I really don’t mind long mindless trips. It gives me the chance for some interpersonal communication and on this road, I didn’t have to worry about traffic. I got to spend almost two hours with myself.

Somewhere in the middle of this introspective  I realized that the road might make a good shot. So I stopped the car. In the middle of the road. It wasn’t like I was going to hold anyone up or block traffic.

I tried several different compositions, both vertical and horizontal, and this is the one that I like best. I kept thinking that I’d have liked some clouds in the picture, but I realized that the desolation is enhanced by the empty sky. And after driving on it for over an hour and what appeared to be more hours to go, it truly did seem to be a road to nowhere

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