La Jolla Sunset

La Jolla SunsetLa Jolla Sunset

I was in the San Diego area assisting another photographer shoot an engagement shoot when we ended earlier than I had expected, so I used the time to drive up the coast and through La Jolla. I have always liked La Jolla because of the art galleries, the laid back attitude, and the coves along the shore.

I stayed around until well after sunset, playing with different views and different camera settings. I notices these rocks and the setting sun and thought of the idea of a long exposure to smooth out the water and eliminate the splashes around the rocks.

I ended up with a fifteen second exposure at f8. The length of time made the splashes and the movement of the water into the cotton candy you see in the image.

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Bubble Trails at The Race Track

death valley-26

Bubble Trails at the Race Track

 The first time I went to the Race Track in Death Valley National Park, I was looking forward to seeing the famous moving rocks. Unfortunetly, it had rained a couple of days earlier. The result was that the area of the race track where the rocks are located was flooded.

I couldn’t get to the area I wanted, but I could walk up the playa and see some of the beauty in the desert after a rain. I explored several areas around the playa without getting on the mud and leaving tracks that wouldn’t disappear for quite some time. I explored some different views, but the rock with the trail of bubbles captured my attention.

I don’t know what caused the bubble trail, but they captured the early morning light in a bright trail and kept the muddy water in a nice contrast.

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